UVVM – Just like writing simple SW – using predefined high level procedures

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Open Source

UVVM is free and Open Source using the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

Important notices

NOTE: Modelsim/Questa 2019.2 does not work with UVVM. Do not use this version. Previous and later versions work fine.

Live on-line course

Advanced VHDL Verification – Made simple, * Live Online, 5-7 May 2020


30 Mar. 2020: UVVM update

v2 2020.03.30

18 Feb. 2020: UVVM update

  • Added new BFM and VVC for
    • Avalon Stream
    • GMII
    • RGMII
  • Minor improvements and fixes

24 Jan. 2020: UVVM update

  • Added bfm_sync to the BFM configuration record for SBI VIP, Avalon MM VIP, AXI-Lite VIP and AXI-Stream VIP.
  • Clock driven BFMs utilize new synchronising methods, with synchronising to clock as default
  • Direct Transaction Transfer (DTT) is divided into a global trigger signal and shared variable.
  • Reduced C_MAX_VVC_INSTANCE_NUM from 20 to 8.
  • Updated UVVM VVC Framework Essential Mechanisms with direct transaction transfer changes.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements
  • See Changes for more info

All updates

UVVM.org is under construction

This site will at the moment only show Important notices and News. More info will come in Q2 2020.